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We’ll make your first steps easier

You don’t need to know any musical theory in order to play. Colourful stripes – the C’s – will help you mark individual lamellas and tones which you need to play. If you would like to play with the other members of your family, the note staff will enable the whole band to join in.

A sample of playing with the songbook

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Start with right choice of your C’s

Choose your C’s by the type of kalimba, which you’ve chosen. For example you’ll need to buy 15 C’s for a 15 lamellas kalimba Tila.

Buy set 9 C'sBuy set 11 C'sBuy set 13 C'sBuy set 15 C'sBuy set 17 C'sBuy set 21 C's

List of songbooks

Choose a songbook according to your kalimba and learn how to play the best known melodies.

  • Skáče žaba po blate & Zlatá brána (pentatonic kalimba & diatonic kalimba)
  • Spi dieťatko spiže & Vstávaj Hozno (pentatonic kalimba & diatonic kalimba)
  • Amazing Grace (pentatonic kalimba & diatonic kalimba)
  • Mary had a little lamb & Kolo kolo mlynské (pentatonic and diatonic kalimba)
  • Outlander (Skye Boat song) & Morning song (musical motive) (pentatonic and diatonic kalimba)
  • Take me home country road (diatonic kalimba G major, 15 and more tones)
  • Wish you were here (diatonic kalimba G major, 15 and more tones)
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