Tuning woods & kalimba chain


We try to be fair to nature.
During the creation of kalimbas, there are cuttings, from which we subsequently produce tuning woods.
We think about every wood centimeter so that we can make the best use of it.

Not only being beautiful, the tuning woods will serve you well when retuning and fine-tuning your favorite musical instrument.
The advantage of a wooden “hammer” over a metal one is higher accuracy and sensitivity when in contact with the tines.
Thanks to which you do not bite the wood of the kalimba, which often happens with metal hammers.

We also have fun in the package for you, and that is a set of resonant chains, with which your kalimba will gain a completely new sound dimension. It will surely please solo players and those who like to play with music.

Tuning woods (naturally dried walnut wood)
Stainless steel resonant chains
Organic cotton bag

We usually ship kalimbas within 1-2 weeks, please contact us for earlier delivery.



Tune your kalimba and experiment with sound

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