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Kalimba Nyx is tuned in SaReGaMa Lotus tuning, which you will definitely know from the most famous kalimba video of all time.

This tuning is one of our favorites. Intuitive, with a great arrangement of keys for comfortable play. When buying an instrument with this tuning, you directly support its author Serge, a great musician and composer.

Measuring 17 x 14 cm, Nyx fits perfectly in the hands of adults. Nyx has 17 tones, it is made in a two-row design, which is comfortable even for beginners or players with thicker thumbs.

It is possible to buy a sheet music a video tutorial for playing this specific song.

The photo of kalimba is illustrative, we will make this kalimba for you according to your ideas, so that kalimba becomes your personal instrument.

Sound sample

We usually ship kalimbas within 1-2 weeks, please contact us for earlier delivery.

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For musicians and professionals

The pure sound and quality of the electroacoustic edition is provided by three sound sensors and a high quality jack. With that kind of instrument you can be a musician on a big stage. The gaining of a sound is well balanced and precise, thanks to the three piezo sensors. Professional musicians and all other fans of a good sound, who want to play kalimba with all sorts of effects and loops can appreciate this.

Sound tuning

Maybe you remember the “do re mi fa so la si do” exercise from the music classes at your elementary school. It’s an indication of the seven tones in a diatonic scale. If you’ve just hummed this in your mind, you sang one octave. Ordinary, we tune these kalimbas to G major. This kalimba is tuned in special way – tuning Lotus by master SaReGaMa. Intuitive, easy to play, extra ordinary.

Body of the instrument

This kalimba is also made of wood, which has been dried for several years. We hand-made it out of walnut tree wood, which is characteristic with its soft and warm tone. Its sound qualities are guaranteed by carefully picking the trees with which we then work. Every kalimba that goes through such process sounds even better in the long run – thanks to frequent playing.

Unlimited warranty

Your instrument will be taken care of. We provide free unlimited warranty with every kalimba for tuning and cleaning of the instrument.

Kalimba on video

Play Video

Packed in a hand-painted box

Every instrument gets our attention. From choosing the right tree to work with, all the way to the final packaging, which will come to your doorstep. Everything is handmade. So is the cover box, which we paint by hand as a tribute to the instrument itself. It’s not only beautiful, but it can also be used as a resonance surface while playing.

Technical information

Dimensions: 17x14x3 cm

Tuning: SaReGaMa Lotus

Lamellas: spring steel

Body of the instrument: walnut tree wood

Case: textile case included in packaging

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