Each kalimba will come to you in a hand-painted package box with scenes of trees from the Tatra Mountains. You can also use it as a resonant box when playing. In addition, you will also receive a practical kalimba bag from us. You will definitely appreciate it while traveling.

We usually ship kalimbas within 1-2 weeks, please contact us for earlier delivery.



Kalimba care

Kalimba can withstand a lot, but it is not advisable to place it in a humid environment. Do not leave Kalimba in the snow, shower and other humid environments 🙂

Kalimba also doesn’t feel good in the car’s hot environment.

We advise to occasionally wipe the tips of the tines with a dry cloth to prevent corrosion.
That’s why it’s good to have it in your package.

Hard case

We have prepared a wool kalimba case for you,
in which kalimba will be safe even when traveling in a full backpack.

Choose your wool felt cover

How to use the kalimba box as a resonant box

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