Pick-up Kalimba

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Handmade electro acoustic “Pick up” kalimba on the resonance desk.

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Handmade electro acoustic “Pick up” kalimba on the resonance desk.

Professional components have been used to produce the instrument to ensure clarity and sound quality.

We recommend this kalimba to musicians, players who like to experiment with sound effects, or simply to kalimba lovers who want to play the music the whole neighbourhood. 🙂

We are manufacturing kalimba in two designs:

13 tone kalimba tuned in pentatonic tuning Gdur

15/ 17/ 19 tone kalimba tuned in diatonic tuning Gdur

We produce 15 tone kalimba in single and double lined versions, we recommend doubles for players with wider thumbs, a clever layout of lamellae offers more space for playing.

The kalimba size: 17 x 14 cm


You will get a practical pouch for tool transfer, lifetime service and life warranty on electronic components too. 



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