Irkalla special kalimba – only one of a kind


Irkalla – 19 tone kalimba, tuned in A minor. Kalimba Irkalla is made of beautiful mulberry “humping” wood. The humps are actually the beginning of the root system. We chose this wood by our friend Dalibor, who has been working with wood suitable for musical instruments for 40 years. Honestly, our sleds fell off. This wood was dried for 15 years and when we knocked on the board, it rang like a gong. Irkalla has a dynamic sound with a long reverberation, low and high tones are balanced. The color of the sound is soft and sweet like mulberry.

We tuned this kalimba to A minor tuning, where deep tones and long reverberation stand out. The kalimba can be retuned to another tuning too. Measuring 17 x 14 cm, it fits perfectly in the hands of adults. Kalimba is made in a two-row design, such an arrangement of keys fits well even for players with thicker thumbs.

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Body of instrument

Once in a few months, our grinding of wood suddenly holds our breath. This happens when Marek sees a place on a dusty board where a special kalimba is born. We mark it and place the form in such a way that its beauty can excel the most in the future. This is based on the life story of a tree which has been reflected on the structure and color of the wood. We are strongly influenced by the Tatra nature in which we create and live. Every day we are captivated by mountain peaks, the power of wind, the acuity of the first sunbeam and the intensity of morning dew. We wish that this powerful experience we feel through nature every day was written into every single instrument that goes through our hands. That’s why we make our kalimbas manually, from drying itself to the last surface trimming and finishes. We gradually collect these beauties all year round. After four years of natural drying, the wood is acclimatized in the workshop for a few more months to make it as stable as possible. When it’s ready, we start production. The surprise comes with the very conclusion, when only one of the three kalimbas plays to meet our expectations. Subsequently, we look for the tuning that fits the instrument the most. You can celebrate the result of our work together with us. We introduce you a special Tatra edition of designer kalimbas.

Sound tuning

Maybe you remember the “do re mi fa so la si do” exercise from the music classes at your elementary school. It’s an indication of the seven tones in a diatonic scale. If you’ve just hummed this in your mind, you sang one octave. We tune this kalimba to A minor. Compared with a pentatonic kalimba this one has two more extra tones, which allow you to play known melodies, which will make you think harder.


Kalimba on video

Unlimited warranty

Your instrument will be taken care of. We provide free unlimited warranty with every kalimba for tuning and cleaning of the instrument.


Packed in a hand-painted box

Every instrument gets our attention. From choosing the right tree to work with, all the way to the final packaging, which will come to your doorstep. Everything is handmade. So is the cover box, which we paint by hand as a tribute to the instrument itself. It’s not only beautiful, but it can also be used as a resonance surface while playing.


Technical information

Dimensions: 17x14x3,2cm

Tuning: diatonic – A minor

Lamellas: spring steel

Body of the instrument: mulberry tree wood

Case: textile case included in packaging


Additional information


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