Aila 17 tone Cmajor kalimba


Kalimba Aila will fulfill your expectations not only in terms of the sound but also the visuals of the instrument. Beautiful sounding crystal clear 17 tones, long sustain, pleasant resonance of the wood during the playing.
Aila is made from densely grown flammed walnut wood. Several hours of kalimba manual sanding revealed an interesting wood pattern. It comes to life even more, with the play of light and angle. Leaning in different directions makes the kalimba look different every time.

As Aila is tuned in the diatonic tuning of C major, it is suitable for intuitive playing as well as playing songs from tutorials and songbooks.
With a size of 17 x 14 cm, the kalimba fits perfectly in the hands of an adult. Aila has 17 notes, is made in a single row design, which is comfortable for playing songs and for players with normal hands.

You will get a practical pouch for kalimba transfer, lifetime service and lifetime warranty as a gift.
The only one kalimba is available – prepared immediately to be shipped.

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Sound tuning

Maybe you remember the “do re mi fa so la si do” exercise from the music classes at your elementary school. It’s an indication of the seven tones in a diatonic scale. If you’ve just hummed this in your mind, you sang one octave. Ordinary, we tune these kalimbas to G major. This kalimba is tuned in special way – in diatonic C major tuning (C D E F G A B).


Kalimba on video

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Unlimited warranty

Your instrument will be taken care of. We provide free unlimited warranty with every kalimba for tuning and cleaning of the instrument.


Packed in a hand-painted box

Every instrument gets our attention. From choosing the right tree to work with, all the way to the final packaging, which will come to your doorstep. Everything is handmade. So is the cover box, which we paint by hand as a tribute to the instrument itself. It’s not only beautiful, but it can also be used as a resonance surface while playing.


Technical information

Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 2,8 cm

Tuning: C major tuning

Lamellas: spring steel

Number of tones: 17

Body of the instrument: walnut

Case: textile case included in packaging